Monday, October 17, 2005

Paving The Way

3rd day w/paving the way!

Finally hit the long days of walking and I am feeling it! I was told it was 15 miles but I could swear it was 32 today. All you people that told me to get in shape –can still keep yer yaps shut. Told you all I will be complaining 2 weeks after I get back so watch out! Everyone involved are having loads of fun, chanting and singing, begging sympathy for various pains but still loving every minute!  Whether someone is walking one day, a week, or the whole shebang – we know and feel like family. Even so, this has been the most amazing experience beyond those of us on the ‘paving the way caravan’ and we are only at the beginning. Responses from the host committees and people putting us up and feeding us have been truly phenomenal. People along our route have been tremendously interested in what we are doing and a few have even joined us for parts of the route!

On a last note before I try to get some sleep. . .
A lot has already been said about the Zealand’s in Newark and the unforgettable work and love they give every day. I just want to add that if you get down that way DO make an effort to stop by and say hello. You will cherish meeting the family forever. If you can - volunteer or buy some of the great art or even drop a few ducats as a donation.

Much love,
Eddie Fukui


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