Sunday, October 30, 2005

Paving The Way

5 more days to go!

Paving the Way Caravan (day 16)

Most of the marchers must have leather feet and rubber knees or something because there only seems to be a few select ‘special’ people who have the luxury of experiencing the woes of foot travel. We do get over it rather quickly and everyone is more than happy to return to pounding the pavement. We have seen the glory of visibility and felt the truth of love and kindness! We will keep on keeping on to DC.

We will voice our sane desires for the compassionate END TO AIDS. We demand a true morality concerning treatment of everyone infected and affected for as long as it takes. We will teach each other the value of family as it pertains to US and carry these same messages to the land across all nations.

Ours is a road of listening, sharing, healing, bonding, learning, feeling, helping, caring, and teaching.

Ours is a road of love.

To all caravans, supporters, hosts, family, and friends
Much love,

Eddie Fukui

*thank you to all the truckers on the road acknowledging us with a blast of the horn (are they telling each other about us?).


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