Monday, October 31, 2005

Paving The Way

Chaos in the morning

It is the morning of Day 17. It is total chaos in this house. 25-30 (I lost count already!) sharing ONE bathroom, LONG lines, shower lists, trying to sneak in the shower out of turn, pee, make coffee, drink coffee, eat something, find a corner to dress, “Dr Joe” (Joe Kranz’s official title for this trip)  bandaging toes and knees, Charles walking around in my fuzzy blue slippers and eating left over spaghetti for breakfast, Derrick running back and forth to the truck for this and that, tying to pack up some stuff, put away laundry, stepping over people, sleeping bags, air mattresses, personalities, hair gel, cigarette breaks outside on the stoop, laptops clicking away,  brushing teeth in kitchen sink, Charles trying out new chants… chaos. It’s great (LOL). Charles, Doug, Daniel and Rudy went out to find some trouble last night, and late last night,  Julie, Val, terri, Nancy and I had an ice cream party when Charles brought us back some ice cream when he came in. Gotta pack up, more later….
Robin Milim


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