Saturday, October 29, 2005

Paving The Way

Chores Today

Paving the Way… the Laundromat
It is Day 14 (I think, I have lost track by now!) and Terri, Valerie, Dianalynn, Anthony (who drives the Thrift Shop truck) and I have gone off to Baltimore to check out the house we are staying in for 4 nights straight (woo hoo!) and to find a Laundromat to drop off everyone’s clothes. Everyone else headed out to the road where we left off walking yesterday to continue our walk into Baltimore, where the bus from NYC should have met them by now. I am sitting out in the van waiting for them to finish talking to Bettye, our wonderful host from Baltimore, who has arranged all this for us. She works for “Hero”, an ASO here in Baltimore. It was so great to see how excited she was that we are finally here. I understand there are supposed to be a lot of people coming out today from NY. That will be great. I saw a lot of emails that people wrote last night about experiences people have had out here, and urging folks to come out if only for a day, to experience this for themselves. I was really touched by the support that we are receiving, not only from our own Housing Works folks, but from the people we are meeting from all over and from our hosts in different states. I, like my fellow walkers, were at first a little discouraged by the small turnouts of “Daytrippers” joining us, but soon realized that numbers are irrelevant. The fact that we are doing this, and so many lives have been touched along the way, including our own, is really the bottom line and while it’s great to have more people, it really doesn’t matter how many people spread the hope and the message. That the message is being sent at all, that is what matters. I do wish more people could have gotten to experience some of the life changing experiences we have, and bonded in a way I would have never guessed, but that’s OK too. Our motto out here has become, “It is what it is, and it”s all good”. My sentiments exactly! LOL I only have a few minutes before we have to get back on the road, so I’ll end this for now
Much love
Robin Milim


At 3:04 PM, Blogger that long black ribbon said...

Robis as a long term survivoe of this hiv/ aids epidemic ( yess I still call it that ) I see you'll's efforts as gratifying to not just my self but those in dire need even more than I am .
I got chills reading this posting and know what it is to try and make some thing like this magnamous happen beacuse as a past president of a leather club our beneficaries fro funds were of course always the local aso ( Birmingham Aids Out Reach ) And I know that with the ryan white act having to have it's funds cut so neesley it is going to take a lot more than just a simple march to make things better for all of us . Sincerely:
Pete Bromley
P.S. I was going to join the brownsville caravan but couldn't take the time off from work ( that is unless I had known about which caravan was comming my way months earlier & believe you me I'd have welcomed the chance to be one of those marchers !!!!!!!!! )


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