Sunday, October 30, 2005

Paving The Way

Day 16 on the road with crew

Day 16

Today wasn’t so bad . We’re staying at a house in Baltimore City. We still haven’t walked into Baltimore City yet. We bus out to where we finished the day before and start walking. There are a few more war scars on our battlefield. My ankle has swelled up from all the walking. Dianne W. has a big blister. I think they are having a blister contest, who has the biggest and who’s looks the worst. Myself I would rather do without the walking scars. But, as I have learned on this journey things have away of working itself out. All in all things are going pretty well.  I think Mr. King is coming down with a cold.  It’s probably because we work up a sweat walking. Then stop for a bathroom break and it gets cold. Amos(aka The Black Hornet)  keeps twisting our chants around into his own personal love chants, but it breaks up the stress and we get a laugh in here and there.  Well I’m off to wash some clothes. Come and join us if possible, we are also open to see new face. Almost there if my ankle holds us. Miss you guys back in New York. Come join us for a day or two.

Sheila Peeples
Bronx Cobra


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