Sunday, October 23, 2005

Paving The Way

Day 5 and 6

I think my days are getting confused…

Day 5

Yesterday Larry and I went to a State of Emergency meeting to present C2EA.  They received us warmly, but gave us no response.  They said they would put up fliers for us at their respective agencies.  So we left and went to a Ryan White Title 4 Community Advisory Board meeting.  We talked for a bit with them.  Asia, someone I met at the Youth Action Institute was there.  She said she had been trying to contact Larry to get on the caravan, but she had the wrong number.  So I talked to her about getting on anyway.  We came up with a plan together to get $ so she could go.  Larry and I went to Center for AIDS and advocacy to see if they could sponsor her.  One of the employees, Marjorie, said she couldn’t donate any $ because she didn’t have any, but instead she filled up the van with gas, and said use that money to help Asia out.  While we were at the gas station, some random guy came up and gave us 2 dollars, and said “Put this in your tank to get to DC”.  People left and right are showing support in any way they can.  We went back to the center for AIDS, and Larry called a bunch of agencies and got a lot of sponsorship for Asia to ride.  It was so heartwarming to see everyone donating and helping Asia.  We ended up going to Larry’s apartment to get Chuck, and we went back to my house, because Larry had his electricity shut off.  Larry went to pack some stuff at his house, Chuck took a nap, and I just relaxed and got ready for the rest of our adventure.  Chuck cooked an awesome meal last night and we just relaxed with some wine and beer.  My friend Nick came over and we hung out for a bit and we said good-bye.


Day 6

5:30 PM

I woke up early this morning, and Larry went to pick up the money that was raised for Asia.  Cleaned up the house a bit, before Larry came back then we headed over to pick up Asia.  Her sister was so cute; she hugged us and told us to take care of her sister.  It was really sweet.  So we headed out to Key West, TX to see one of Chuck’s friends to see if she could get some donations for us.  She had an amazing garden all around her house.  We took some pictures with her, and now we are headed to Port Arthur.  Larry is serenading us.  :)  I’m having such a great time.  It took us forever to find a hotel in Lafayette, and we were all complaining and cranky, but once we found a hotel it was all OK.  



Chris Rothermel

Host Committee Organizer: Soul of the South, Houston
Campaign to End AIDS



At 6:23 PM, Blogger Johnny said...

Hey I am glad you found ASIA I hope to see her in D.C. tell her that Johnny Guaylupo said HI!!!!!!!!!


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