Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paving The Way

Day 6 October 20th

Day 6- October 20th
Hi-my name is Ilena Elevitch. I’ve been on the road for five days and four nights. I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone involved in this incredible journey – Jose, Robin – you’ve both been there whenever I needed something. Derek, Terri, Valerie – you’ve done an amazing job getting us from point A to B and everywhere in between, and thanks to Amos, Sepham and Charles for keeping us inspired.  When I first heard we were marching to Washington, I thought – wow – I can actually get paid to spend all day outside and exercise! Sign me up… But it really has been so much more. It’s harder than I thought in some ways - the pain in my feet, lack of showers and lack of sleep was getting to me. But when I see the people come out of their homes and into the street to greet us and to see what’s going on, and hear all the incredible stories of the people we meet along the way and who offer us a place to sleep and who come out and cook hot food for us each night and every morning – it really drives me forward. Also the people in this group who make the journey every day despite everything they’ve been through and continue to go through – that just drives me forward. How can I not keep marching? So I will – as much as I can. I know we are making a difference – one step at a time. See you in Washington. Bring it on Bush!!


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