Sunday, October 23, 2005

Paving The Way

Day 8 in Philly - Paving the Way

So……my day started with a humongous mug of coffee spilling onto the van seat while I was cleaning and organizing the interior and since it was warm coffee, it not only spilled onto the hem of my pants and the floor, but I sat on it without even noticing.  I marched all day with half white, half beige panties, smelling like Dunkin Donuts with feet.  Yuck.  We marched 8 miles in three hours, what a record!  We also picked up this totally stoned stray who did the entire march with us!  What a cutie, he even played the tambourine, tried to chant along when he could understand a word here and there and didn’t complain once.  We brought him into the church when we were done and gave him a Betty bag.  Nice to see that happen; I wish more people would join us like that every day.

Some of us girls just got back from the Hard Rock Café here in Philly where we went to have some downtime and the busboy asked us where we got our shirts from.  When we asked why, he told us his Mom had passed away from AIDS and he wanted to show his support.  Valerie engaged him in more conversation and it turns out he moved from 7th & Ave D, I believe he said, 5 years ago.  What a small world.

We had such a great time today and because we finished the day early we had a lot of downtime.  Today was the very first day I felt homesick, I suppose because I had a lot of time on my hands and I started to think about home and my family.  I spoke to my 5 year old yesterday for the first time since I’ve been on the march and you’d think it were 8 months rather than 8 days from the way I reacted when I heard his voice.  Thank goodness, he heard the frantic tone in my voice and immediately informed me that not only was he taking care of the house, Grandma and his 13 year old sister, but that he was also in the middle of a very engrossing video game and hereallyhadtogoyeahiloveyoutoomommygoodbye!!!

Shoot, so much for being a role model.



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