Saturday, October 29, 2005

C2EA Nor'easter Caravan

Dorchester, MA

Well here we are! Here is France, Ray and I in Dorchester. Today's event was called The Community Forum Process; The Road to the State of Emergency at the Great Love Tabernacle Church in Dorchester. Rev Franklin Hobbs was like our MC it was great. I am not a big church goer but you walked into this house of worship and it was amazing, the energy and love literally just made me have such goosebumps and it was welcoming. I made it there a bit late because I was waiting for an aircard and cellphone which was donated by Sprint - thanks Jim!

There was a prayer service, a presentation about a State of Emergency that was declared by the city council of Boston regarding the HIV/AIDS epidemic in communities of color in Boston. There was a community forum, some youth called Commited to Christ (C2C) a youth hip hop group,some folks who were running for office it was just alot of community folks who came out to speak out! It was awesome! Thanks to everyone for all your hard work...

Tomorrow we head to Northampton, MA
Student/Community Forum on HIV Prevention Activism.
Smith College, Seeyle Room 106.
Join us to learn about HIV/AIDS prevention policy locally, nationally, and globally, and hear from local activists about how to get involved in the fight for science-based prevention and social justice in western Massachusetts. Contact: Elizabeth Reynolds,, 347-684-2100.

I have to get batteries for my camera and so we'll have more pics to share with you...

A special shout out to Jerry and all the folks involved in todays event. Jerry spent a lot of time preparing our arrival so Awesome job!

Until tomorrow...

Tom Donohue
State College, PA from Dorchester MA

I forgot to add Alycia and her crew from CT were there too, YAY!!


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