Monday, October 31, 2005

Paving The Way

End aids now

Hey Everybody

I’m really honor to be apart of this history making event. Presently I’m one of the Flag Carriers, It is really amazing how the we are received. The hospitality is so wonderful it is a blessing for those of you who are not here I’m holding it down for UBC. We will be marching into D.C this week to shake up the Capital we have a special flag drill that Charles and Doug taught us. I hope and pray all is well back home and looking forward to seeing you guys in D. C. Thanks you guys at UBC for caring about me I love you guys Hold the fort down until I get back. Eddie and Daniel are doing fine. We have a lot of events to attend these next few days. Right now we are staying at Hero a drop in center for people with the Virus who are not eligible for assistance with medicine etc. I just want you guys to know It is a great honor to carry the flag for C2EA. I can’t wait to get to D.C. I got to go we must be up by 6:45- and out by 7:15am to go to this Church for Breakfast. By the way we always chant and share each not before lights out.

Gordon In the House


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