Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Paving The Way

Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone

Day FOUR!!!! YEHHHHHHHHH...I did it and it was not easy.  Yesterday I was excited today I’m aching...lol...just joking.  I feel real good.  The day started great with some good breakfast, for the first time I tried Grits YUMMY!!!  Well we marched to Rahway prison and we had a Rally and the speakers spoke about there experience in the prison system and it was not cool.  Derrick Chandler spoke about the stigma that goes on there and I felt so bad I don’t want to get into details but it was insane.  My highlight of the day was when I spoke to the youth at Edison, NJ and told them my story real short and quick that was good because I want to speak to more youth and come out about my status and not be afraid the kids were fine and just looked at me and smiled and I wondered what is going on in that boys head, but I hope is good stuff.  Well my duty today was collecting money and boy that was fun and exciting people were generous especially the old ladies at the salon in Rahway, NJ these ladies love me and I love them;=]. But I experienced one bad moment when one lady didn’t even let me enter her store and I explain to her why we were marching and she still did not want to hear about it so I simply started throwing her facts about HIV and the truth and she screamed at me and told me to leave, that is another reason why I need to march to D.C.. Because the stigma that goes on in this country is incredible.  Oh special thanks to my partner Daniel for backing me up.  Anyway I’m sure this doesn’t make sense because I’m like so not in the mood I just want to lie down. But I’m having a good time getting to know the people that are in the caravan with me and everyday I learn something new. Well anyway tomorrow I hope to make you smile because I know this was BORING lol….

Johnny Guaylupo


At 1:27 AM, Blogger Tom Donohue said...

Johnny... keep up the great work, we will meet in DC and ROCK THE HOUSE!


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