Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paving The Way

Hey Everyone

Hey Everyone

Day six and Kaytee I’m going to kill you when I see you in D.C. for getting me into this mess. Just
We are now in Trenton, NJ and I must say that I slept half the time while the rest were marching down the beautiful town of Princeton. But as soon as I got into Trenton I knew it was my time to come out and do some serious outreach and  in case I didn’t say this in the beginning I’m the bucket boy which means I collect money at every rally and stop we make. So I been running around like a mad man giving out flyers, condoms, and also asking for a donation for the Campaign and people have been nice and happy to see paving the way caravan come out shouting and chanting with Amos from NYCHAN and Uncle Charles.
Trenton reminds me of my community in NYC people hanging out drug dealers and users kids running around and they were all coming out to find out what was all that shouting and chanting about and I was running from house to house explaining to the people in the community why we were here and what the campaign is all about and they were happy to see us and thought it was cool that we were marching all the way from NYC to DC to fight for these issues that are going on in there community.  The host committee in Trenton was so polite and happy to know that someone was going to do something for the people living with AIDS/HIV.  
I enjoy working with the community and this has been such an experience to go to different communities and towns and raise awareness I didn’t think it was going to be like this I could do this all the way to Florida hahaha..Just joking. I’m Aching and I have to be up at 7am for a rally at 9am and then to start our day marching to Philly another 15 miles or so but hey we are doing it and I am proud of myself and I have to thank all the participants cause without them I don’t think I would have the strength to walk and chant and do all these amazing things I’m doing with my caravan.  
It’s been so cool to have taken some time to meet different people and converse with them and learn different types of people that are marching with us all the way to D.C. it’s a family and I like that.
I hope all the other caravans are having an exciting time like I have.

One more thing if Charles King EVER wakes me up at 6am again you can say goodbye cause I am going to …………  lol

Johnny Guaylupo


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