Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Paving The Way

Marie is Walking to DC

Dear Family - Thank you for your wonderful support - 7 days ago I
walked thru the Lincoln Tunnel + today the Campaign to End Aids arrived
in Phila. I have over $3000 in sponsorship.
We've walked down rural roads with no shoulders - neighborhoods of
small houses, mansions + shacks.
We've been to Weewakhen, Jersey City, Elizabeth, HOBOKEN, Rahway, New
Brunswick, Princeton, Metuchen, Trenton + now Phila - why am I walking
to Washington DC?
*For the friends + family we have loved + lost
*for the 8,500 people who die each day
*to insure that our children + grandchildren can live long + healthy
lives but are never faced with not being able to afford medication to
keep them alive
*for the young blond woman' a clerk in the WaWa deli store in bensalem
PA who began crying when she asked why we were walking + told me about
her brother who is Hiv+ is dying simply because he can not pay for his
*for the mothers infected by spouses who did not know or did not tell
them they had aids + lost a child
*for those who cannot control their addictions + share dirty needles
*to oppose "faith-based" organizations who use our tax dollars to oppose
scientifically proven prevention such as clean needle exchanges or safe
sex practices but spend millions on "moral" alternatives


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