Monday, October 31, 2005

Paving The Way

Me and I

I’ve grown to see this world, maybe not the one you see or the one I saw some days ago. Some of it seems similar: people and places bare basic semblance to a comfortable, familiar place, but the way I perceive them has changed; I have changed.

Miles on the road, walking from myself, I seem ever closer to me.

“Why are you walking?” he demanded – drunk and irascible, the faces of lost friends in his mind. “Where is the money going?” he demanded as we sat in that dive. “You’re a liar,” he accused and I stood, vacant and scared.

I wanted to tell him that his fight was mine, that his loss was familiar, and that we could act together. I wanted to tell him he didn’t have to yell; I heard what he said beyond the noise; whispers speak truly in the wispy trails of rage.

How do I tell him what I’ve seen, or who I am or what will be. I don’t know – not last week or next. But I am prepared, maybe just a bit, for something intense and inescapable.

We and I will arrive in DC. There will be others there, possibly more of me or different ‘I’ and in that meeting I might again be challenged. But from this meeting my resolve will be even more resolute.

Through the courageousness of others I can identify and resolve the destructiveness of me. And perhaps in return, we can agree to exist and inhabit the world through a series of brave acts, forever; symbiosis: feeding each other and nurturing the best parts of ourselves.

Daniel Solon


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