Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Paving The Way

October 26 2005 - Paving the Way

October 26, 2005

Paving The Way Caravan

Day: Oh Jeez I’ve totally lost count….

Today we stopped 100 yards short of the Maryland border.  We’ve decided to savor the momentous occasion tomorrow after we’ve had our caffeine and can actually summon up the energy to continue marching on into the state.

We have become so adept at walking briskly that we are way ahead of schedule.  I had the opportunity to examine my legs last night at the YMCA in Wilmington, DE while taking a much needed shower and boy!  Let me tell you I’ve developed muscles on my thighs that I didn’t even know existed.  I and my fellow marchers don’t even break a sweat or puff and pant anymore.  We laugh at uphill slopes, “Ha, Ha and Ha!”  It looks like we are going to be able to get some much needed downtime in the days ahead and actually be able to advocate and talk to people as well as enjoy our surroundings.

We had a rally at the University of Delaware today in the school cafeteria; it was scheduled to be a youth rally with youth speakers, but once again, as on every rally, Charles King brought the house down with his C2EA speech.  I’ve told Charles that every time he delivers it, the words are more powerful, his tone is more forceful and his voice is louder and more convincing.  He delivers stats and facts with such conviction and with such artillery rapidness that you can see people’s mouths literally hanging open.  It’s like receiving AIDS 101 in 15 minutes flat and you are left with a feeling of indignation every single time.  His speech makes me feel as if he has just uncovered the wool over my eyes and I just cannot believe that I’ve been had.  Makes me wonder how others feel.  He receives compliments and accolades galore on his delivery and I honestly feel he should be giving this exact speech on the senate floor.  Love it.

We also picked up yet another stray today who marched with us the entire day.   This was a girl who clearly had emotional and mental issues (she spoke in tongues and said to one person she was from Trinidad and another, Britain) yet felt compelled to march with us, eat with us, share with us and work with us!  Yes, she actually marched AND handed out flyers and condoms!  So what if we always seem to attract strays with one issue or another; we are the defenders of the disenfranchised, the minority, the disabled, the homeless, the infected and affected.  She and the others that have gravitated towards us obviously sense the warmth and non-judgmental vibe we all convey.

So happy to be here; every day brings me closer and closer to different members of my group.  I feel like a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower, extracting just enough from each to keep me whole and healthy.  This group has become my family on the road because I have no choice in the matter and it feels incredible to surrender to that fact and know that by myself, I cannot do very much but together, we are changing our world as we know it.  It truly is what it is….and it is all good.



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