Sunday, October 30, 2005

Paving The Way

October 30 2005 - Paving the Way

October 30, 2005

Paving the Way – Day 15

Well, yesterday was a hoot.  I spent the morning doing a laundry run and scoping out the house we will be staying at for four nights.  It started off with a 20 minute instructional pow wow between terri, myself, Robin, Val and Anthony (our lead driver).  We had spent the night at Ames Methodist Church which was about 30 minutes from our start off point.  While the marchers loaded up to get to the start off point at Route 40, our little group was going to go into Baltimore City to check out the digs and drop off 18 bags of laundry.

We spent 20 minutes going over which route we were going to take that would lead us into the city.  By the way, ALL routes lead into the city.  Once we decided on a course, us girls piled into the van and Anthony into the truck housing our luggage.  We had decided we would take the lead and Anthony would follow.  We promptly got onto the wrong road altogether and ended up going on this scenic, 40 minute drive through the rolling hills of Baltimore County.  We saw all the animals you would normally find on old MacDonald’s farm and the most beautiful stone cottages and farms.  We knew Anthony was driving behind us, shaking his head and muttering, “women, women”.  It was really cool.

Once we got into the city, what a surprise to get to our destination!  As someone in the group later said, ‘OMG, we’re in crack city!”  There are more boarded up tenement buildings on this block than there are actual residents and we have to have someone on watch, guarding the cars as well as someone in the house at all times.  The entire neighborhood saw us unload.  We’re hoping they think we’re just a big drug ring coming in to do some business on ebay or something, then we’ll be packed and out after we funnel millions of dollars into our swiss bank accounts, all done through laptops!  Since there’s a good diverse racial mix of us here, we’re hoping the residents will be scared of us.  I already took some time to get on the cell phone on the stoop and tried really hard to look nonchalant and tough at the same time.  I don’t know if it worked…….

Our host committee includes a woman by the name of Bettye from a CBASO named HERO and these folks are wonderful!  The house is roomy, very comfortable and it is so nice to be able to stay in one place for more than one night at a time.  A lot of love has come our way from these people and they have taken good care of us.  I’m surprised to hear from these guys how much inspiration and hope we are giving them.  Seems like we’ve made quite a stir these past 15 days and I’m happy to be getting this type of feedback.

I drove the rest of the day yesterday on a particularly dangerous strip of Route 40, which will not be finished until today’s run.  I had to drive up ahead of the marchers to avoid having cars swerve past the caravan of C2EA cars that were behind them, trying to protect their flank.  It was really dangerous and kind of scary, but I felt pretty invincible in that huge van I was driving.  I was very scared and protective of the marchers and I think I have to do the same thing today.
We picked up Julie Pena!!!  Yayyyy!  She’s joined us for the rest of the trip and I missed having her around.  She’s usually one of the core group and it was so awesome to see her come in last night.  Today will be a short day and we will end up at the city limits.  More to come.


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