Saturday, October 22, 2005

C2EA American Heritage Caravan

Other world

Leaving the daily routine of my life in seattle and joining the caravan is a bit surreal. Time seems to have shifted into a completely different perception. What the hell am I doing??? The life outside the caravan already seems like a distant shore.
A blur of days and towns and shifting faces looms ahead. Outside the obvious political goals of fully funding the Ryan White act and the audaciousness of the goal, can AIDS really be overcome by us driving to D.C. across towns like Coeur deLane Idaho and Missoula Montana. Well no but that doesn't seem to be the overall point of the event anyway. I'm just coming to grips with what the implications of this journey really are. Connecting with the others dealing with HIV has definately been a big plus. The youthfull energy and idealism of our drivers has been really affirming as well. So maybe this one act this long journey across America will not end the AIDS pandemic but it will bring me much closer to others dealing with this virus and learning to live with all of it's complications. Perhaps I'll learn more than I had bargained for but in the end I think it'll be an experience that changes my perceptions of activism and politics and my individual struggle with the virus.


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