Saturday, October 29, 2005

Paving The Way

Paving the Way Johnny

Paving the Way (Johnny)

I have no clue what day is today but all I know is that we are in Baltimore city staying in this 3 bedroom house.  Well anyway right now I’m totally clueless but I know one thing I am having so much fun and this is just changing my life everyday I learn something new everyday I meet someone new but yet everyday someone dies of HIV/AIDS so as exciting as this caravan is there is a lot of work that we have to do and we are getting there.  Learning from other people in other states and there issues the things that they go through from stigma to gay bashing it’s just unbelievable but all of this just makes me angry but stronger at the same time .  We are going to END AIDS I know we are I never felt this way in my life and I wish my uncle was still alive to experience this I wish my family understood why I am going on this long journey but they will soon.  But this is amazing we are actually doing it!  All of us not only Paving the Way but all the other caravans it’s exciting to see pictures and read stories of a lot of the members that attended the Youth Action Institute.  I can’t wait to meet you all again in D.C.

The Paving the Way caravan is a family and we all have different personalities and we are getting to know each other better. Famous Amous well what can I say about him he’s a mess (lol).  Valerie, Terri, Robin, Dianalynn and new comer Julie are the divas (yea right lol) Kiara is so calm and the girl found herself a baby daddy around the corner because she is MIA (lol).  Ilena, Dougie and Daniel left me here with the old folks.  The Jerffersons are in the basement and they are partying and having a good time.  They disserve all the fun they work so hard giving out flyers and spreading the word around. Eddie FU is sleeping with Sheila and Roody they are they early sleepers.  Diane William is right next to me talking to someone she sounds sexy but enough of her.  Uncle Charles is reading his newspaper from 4 days ago.  

Robin has a very big mouth I just noticed it’s 11 pm and she is making so much noise this is URBAN CAMPING when you stuck with beautiful loud people like Robin and “city girl” Terri Smith.

Well anyway I’m writing a lot of nonsense about what is going on in this house today.

But I need to work on my speech for the upcoming events, so let me start with that enough of this.

Tomorrow I will give you and update.

Johnny Guaylupo  


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