Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paving The Way

princeton to trenton

From my previous post (a couple of days ago) you may think it’s been rougher walking 15 miles than I may have thought. The reality is my muscles and bones are not aching too much at all, but I ended up getting a tiny blister on my foot Monday and then a nickel sized one on my right foot Wednesday. Soooo. . . today on our sixth day I helped with the sweep van watching out for marchers, traffic, folks who need a break, etc. and realized it is very draining keeping up with everything. Entirely maddening!!! It is amazing to see the reactions and responses from the communities we pass by. After the marchers pass by chanting and distributing flyers with our C2EA demands you can see folks talking to each other and watching the caravan move beyond. Exactly what we want and need – people keeping a dialogue going and moving from one person to another. This is what C2EA begins with. Networking big city folks with small town heroes, family, friends, and that wonderful stranger wanting to know what’s going on and even drooping a generous donation to boot! Princeton is beautiful and on the way from there to Trenton we passed huge luxurious homes. Right after that we walked through a very dilapidated and very poor neighborhood where the residents were truly inspiring to me. They came out of their homes to greet us and take information. My impression has been people are grateful to us for walking down their streets in their neighborhoods bringing attention to some of their concerns rather than the usual parade down 5th avenue (etc.). What they may not realize is that I am grateful for their kindness, openness, and generosity. Other than my feeble ranting, I just want to say even though I didn’t walk the entire route today – I made sure to jump out of the van to walk for an hour keeping in mind my commitment I made to myself (as painful as it was it is an amazing experience to be a part of this).

Eddie Fukui


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