Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Paving The Way


As I write this I’m hurting in some much neglected spaces of my body. I’m conflicted between visions of a tongue-flagging, road-kill dear and hawks gracing the tips of ancient trees: the sublime in morbid and divine manifestation.

As I write this, hunched over a laptop computer in a New Brunswick church’s gym, there’s the pounding of men’s drums and to counter, the shrill calls of exhausted women, demanding a cease to the resounding clamor.

As I write this, people are revealing their inner selves with ease and understated profundity. Our day: Every step challenges barriers that separate us, as we find our effort to be a force of unity, acting on us as we act upon the earth.

As I write this, I know the world is revolving for the better. From the eyes and gestures of the people surrounding me, I’ve gained deeper understanding of regeneration, patience, and a new respect for an old cliché: hope.

If sincerity were a drug, I would gladly overdose as I write this.

Daniel Solon


At 1:30 AM, Blogger Tom Donohue said...

Daniel -

Your doing an awesome job, thanks for all your hard work. I can not wait to begin our journey which starts in Boston! We will meet up! Until then keep your head hight and continue to march on. Excellent job my man and lets be there to celebrate our hard work when the cure is found!

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