Monday, October 17, 2005

Paving The Way

Review of Day 2

Day 2—What an amazing day! We slept in the Jersey City Boys Club in the gymnasium. It was a huge pajama party where we laughed all night till our bellies ached! The people there gave us a warm welcome. A lady from a local AIDS organization, Paco, cooked arroz con pollo for everyone for dinner and it was awesome. Then, in the morning, we got up and went to Grace Evangelical Church for a service and breakfast. The Pastor was great and she and the congregation also gave us a great welcome. Charles spoke and people even gave us donations (even though it was Stewardship Sunday and they were being asked to give even more in the Church). During the service, the Pastor asked everyone to take some clay and mold their “fears” into an image and placed them all on a table so we could see each others fears. Your fears lose their power once materialized! Lol . Then it was on to City Hall again where we assembled to March to Newark. The march was amazing. Out folks were vigilant in handing out flyers all along the way. Laverne (and the rest of the “flyer crew”) was running alongside, handing them out in stores, schoolyards, to people on the street, church group we passed, cars stopped at lights, EVERYONE. No one was safe from her! And people were stopping, reading, talking. And then, cheering and chanting along with us. We even had some people join us and march a ways with us. It was awesome. We marched to Newark where we stopped at an organization for kids orphaned by AIDS, called AIDS Resource Foundation for Children.. The people that run this are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Their names are Terry and Fay Zealand and they run this place with help from their grown children and a bunch of other folks. They are truly all angels. His daughter-in-law cooked us a gourmet meal that had us gorging ourselves like we had never seen food before. It was the most amazing thing! The building itself is an old converted firehouse that they renovated and is also an art gallery, where they teach the kids art and everything is for sale (lol). They desperately need money to keep this place going and we all vowed to help. The amazing people we are meeting along the way and the lives you unwittingly influence is such an inspiring experience. This journey so far has been the greatest adventure I have ever had (and I’ve had a few good ones! Lol), and it’s just begun.
Robin Milim


At 3:56 PM, Blogger Monie said...

hey Robin:

keep walking and hope you and everyone is doing well.

see ya saturday!


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