Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paving The Way

Soul of the South Day 1

Soul of the South:Day 1

So I woke up this morning at 3am. I jumped in the van with Larry, and immediately fell asleep. I woke up a bit later, and we stopped at a rest stop to sleep. We woke up and headed down to Corpus Christi. We took a couple of pictures by the water. I don’t really know what body of water it was, but it was beautiful. We headed over to Coastal Bend AIDS Foundation. We weren’t expecting much response, as they hadn’t responded to Larry’s e-mails, but we were totally wrong. We spoke with the executive director Richard Sledz, who was extremely responsive. By the end of the meeting, he told us he would call his board of directors to see if he can use some of the $ they raised at a fundraiser they had last week. He also said he’d look for a rider as well. Well by the time we actually left the agency, he had called 2 board members, who approved the $, and one of his board members agreed to be a rider! So we left there and headed over the the food pantry, Loving Spoonful, where the rider met with us. We took a picture with the people over there and chatted for awhile. During lunch, Larry convinced me to do the whole caravan, instead of just till Houston. I OK’ed it with my boss, and here I am. Chris Rothermel, Soul of the South navigator/reporter. LOL! We’re headed down to Brownsville now to find a place to sleep and go to an agency there tomorrow morning at 7.


Chris Rothermel

Host Committee Organizer: Soul of the South, Houston
Campaign to End AIDS
1731 Aden Dr.
Houston, TX 77003




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