Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paving The Way

Soul of the South: Day 2

Day 2
9:47 AM
Well we woke up early this morning at 7 (Larry snores when he sleeps, it’s cute) to go to Valley AIDS Council. We met with the ED, Bob. He was busy getting ready for a conference he was holding, but he said we could ship him some info. He said he would put it at a table at the conference. We went to a mini Wal-Mart to pick up markers and a car charger, but they didn’t have either! That’s how small it was. After a near death experience with a bee at the gas station, Larry and I are headed back up to Corpus Christi to pick up our 3 caravan rider.
After a wonderful send off, we headed to San Antonio. We met Frank, a caravan supporter, at the local planning council meeting. Larry gave a short presentation and they adjourned. We met a lady who said that she had just come across some grant $ to send 2 women on our caravan and she would contact us tomorrow. WOOHOO!! Go C2EA! We are being set up in the local HIV/AIDS living space to sleep tonight. The food was great and the people are nice. Well I will update more tomorrow as I am sitting at a gas station, stealing their wireless.


Chris Rothermel



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