Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paving The Way

Soul of the South Day 3

Day 3
1:47 PM
So last night, we accidentally went to the bath house. We were looking for a bar, but instead we found the bath house. Luckily, the  So Larry and Chuck sang karaokeJreceptionist directed us to the nearest bar last night at the bar (Pegasus). We went to some place called LuLu’s after for some food. We got up this morning, took showers, and hung out with the people that lived at the place we were staying. We spoke with Frank again this morning, and his ED found us $ to sponsor a rider. They are working on finding someone from their agency to ride. We went to B.E.A.T. AIDS Inc. We met their staff and networked for a bit. They rocked! I really tried to get one of the staff to get on the caravan with us, but she had 2 children. Then we headed over to San Antonio AIDS Foundation (SAAF) and took a quick tour of their facilities. I started to feel sick, so I couldn’t pay much attention. Then we headed over to Mujeres Unidas for the local event in San Antonio. I ended up staying in the car and took a nap, because I was sick. So this is pieced together from what Larry told me. Several agencies were there for a town hall type meeting. Issues were discussed about not knowing about the caravans. Despite the “wait and see” attitude that was present, 2 caravan riders came from Mujeres. They will join the caravan in a week though. Hope Action Care (Frank’s ASO) could not come up with a rider, although they had the $ Chuck and Larry say Hi! We’re on our way to Austin.


Chris Rothermel

Host Committee Organizer: Soul of the South, Houston
Campaign to End AIDS
1731 Aden Dr.
Houston, TX 77003




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