Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paving The Way

Soul of the South Day 4

Day 4
9:25 AM
Oh my god! Austin was awesome!!!! We got to the capital and we had a wonderful time. There weren’t a lot of numbers, but the spirit of the people made up for that by far. We were warmly greated by Heather, host committee organizer for Austin. I was interviewed by a local news station and so . There was a wonderful presentation ofJwas Larry. I’ve never been on TV before  interpretive dance by a group of young women. The women had masks on and 7 pieces of paper in the background with words on it like stigma, fear, ignorance etc. During the song, one woman ripped of the paper to reveal an uplifting word like love, education etc. By the end of it Larry, Chuck, and I were tearing up. It was so moving. Then Larry and I spoke to the crowd for a couple minutes. Then everyone headed to the governor’s mansion across the street for an all night wake up call to the governor. I went to go get my phone fixed (because it had broken again), then we met up with everyone at the mansion. We had cowbells, noisemakers, voices, signs, and unity. We had honk if you want to End AIDS. So many cars were honking. It was so awesome. We were chanting, yelling and screaming. The news came out a couple times. They announced us on the radio. They stayed up all night long! The police even came out because of the noise. They told us they would compromise with us, and leave us alone if we got rid of  Chuck, Larry, and I had to sleepJthe honk sign. We did, but people still honked for awhile, and the group told us that while we slept, they would represent us with their voices and unity. I almost cried when they told us that. So we went back this morning, did some more yelling, and a rep. from a local church prayed with us and gave us a blessing to go on our way. It was so hard leaving. Thanks Austin! You guys rock!


Chris Rothermel



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