Sunday, October 16, 2005

Paving The Way

!st night

Tonight we laughed ourselves to sleep. There was so many jokes and all
around great fun. It was diffcult to sleep because my air mattress
started to deflate and Jennifer steele said I looked like I was in a
canoe, she laughed for a good five mins. Then followed by Amy's(Giron)
comment that I looked like a "slave in the bayou", just because I had a
scarf on my head. I really did look like a slave!!! She then
questioned why I was wearing a scarf and I had to go into a whole spiel
about Black hair which she found fascinating. Then she started looking
at my hair prodcuts with awe and said she would start to use them from
now on. Well anyways, I am having a blast and these people are
great!!! So far the trip has been AMAZING!!!!


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