Sunday, October 23, 2005

Paving The Way


So this is day nine on the road. I think yesterday was my first real day of getting some rest. I’ve been walking for eight days straight with no relief for the legs. The first night at the Boys and Girls set a little pace for what was to come. The sleep on the floor campout style. Wasn’t as bad as I expected. Went to church I think it was communion Sunday. Dianne ask if it was safe to drink of the cup. Couldn’t think of anything to tell her except that what we’re out her for to stop some of the stigmas and myths of HIV/AIDS. Can you believe how they even has us still thinking. I’m not going to place everything in one day the book is coming soon. As they also say about the chants on the road, buy the CD and the Charles King’s  single coming to a town near you soon. It’s interesting just talking to some of the people who have this virus they look healthy and strong , come from various backgrounds. There was this family we stay with who works with children who have HIV/AIDS  the day. If any one out there happens to read this find out how you can come and join us even if it’s for a day.   Don’t forget we are still taking donations. Today we had some time to enjoy some of the sights in Philadelphia. It is a beautiful town. I’m sure it has its ups and down too. We are having a rally tomorrow, hope the weather holds up.  For the last two to three days we were hit by a touch of Hurricane Wilma. The walking was bad the wind kind of strong thank GOD we made it. I would apologize for this back and forth dialogue  but that ‘s the way it is coming. It does get a little crazy on the road fatigue and comfort sets in and you don’t want to go any further. I guess you will have to find out how much further I go on the next bog.   PEACE OUT!    

Sheila Peeples


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