Saturday, October 22, 2005

Paving The Way

where's unka charlie?

rain rain won’t go away.
still paving the way through Pa!

my blisters went away and then the moisture in the air screwed with my knee (compacted it years ago and now it sometime acts up – like my ankles, or shoulder, or wrist that i broke or fractured or sprained). tried walking it off a bit but the pain was too much. a kind cute girl (nameless for liability – ha ha) gave me a pill to ease the pain. was told it was over the counter so i guess it was okay. pain kept me from asking any questions. can’t remember what it was: neosporin, nepraxin, negravin, noodlin, whatever. seemed to work so i started walking. a bit too early for it to really kick in so i waited another twenty minutes or so before i really joined in. no rallies today but we made some quick time and did fifteen miles. all in the rain! ended up being a really great day all in all. the only thing was while getting shuttled to the church (we are staying at) i had ten minutes of excruciating pain in my knee. don’t know why the intense skull crushing eye bleeding bone popping heart stabbing hallucinatory experience. i just used my hidden zen powers of mind over nothing and it floated off to the white house and into some soulless brainless bone sack that supposedly resides there. not that i would ever meaningfully harm or even wish harm upon, say, even satan. but you know sometimes shit happens and sometimes shit happens to people who are killing people all over the planet and making innocent americans help in that evil master plan. . .unless it’s vacation time.
then he lucked out and it went into the sky and turned into rainbows and sunshine for all the caravans trekking to DC!
Fatigue Induced Delirium (infamously coined by Michael Hickey) has obviously set in so i must say


has gone

to bed and so must i

lobs of lub,
eddie fukui


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