Tuesday, November 01, 2005

C2EA Nor'easter Caravan

Albany, NY

Well I am going to play catch up a bit since we have been so busy. Yesterday was an off day for us so we decided to say in Northapmpton and do some visiting to some service groups there before we made our way to the Albany. We stopped by the Northampton Needle Exchange program - Pete, Corey and T were awesome, spent so much time with us and made us feel so welcomed. They were saying that they have about 400-500 encounters a month and that they exchange some 6-7,000 needles a month. They were very proud to say that they surprassed the biggest amount thus far passing 90,000 needles exhanged for the year. Pete also shared with me that this program only costs about 200,000 a year and that in the past 5 years that he has been there he has not had one positive result come back from those who they have tested who are in the program. Pete, Corey and 'T', thanks so much for your time and welcome!

Then we went to AIDS Care Hamspshire County we spoke with Debie, Anna Beth and Cort gave us some of their time and they shared that they have about 90-95 clients that 3/4 of them are males 22-60. 25% are woman and of that 45% are ppl of color. They were sharing with us that they are real concerned about loosing the unique identifier when testing that Mass is at risk of loosing it and going to name based reporting. Thanks folks from AIDS Care!

Then we rolled onto Albany after having a real long conversation with a reporter on the caravan. We finally got to Albany where we met with the co-coordinator of the NorEaster Caravan Mark Hayes and he took us to the Damien Center. This center was real special to me. I walked in and felt such love and family. The kids were running through with their costumes on for Halloween, they made food which they offered us to eat they took me through a tour it was amazing. I just wish they had this sense of family in State College where I am. It was a pleasure to meet SOOO many of you and hope you are following our trip!

Today, we went and had a press conference at Legislative Coorespondents Association press room. It was great to have so many local folks there including State Senator Neil Breslin and Michael Kink of the National C2EA it was a great way to bring awareness to HIV, then we moved to the front of the building where we had a prayer service then we had some lunch. Now we are somewhere on the road between Albany and Syracuse NY where we will be spending the night. Janet, Andrea, Larry, Anythony x2, Eric, Frederick, and the originals, France, Ray and me, Tom till next time...

From all of 4 cars on the campaign,


At 4:30 PM, Blogger Julie Davids said...

Hi you guys are looking WONDERFUL! I can't wait to meet up with you!!! Today we set up the CHAMP office in Providence, but I forgot to save C2EA signs so save me some for our walls!!! give me a call if there's anything i can help with.

love, Julie


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