Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Paving The Way

Day 19

Day 19
On the road with the crew

Today my ankles feeling much better. But they needed someone to stay at (what we call) “The House” so Paul Hatchett and myself decided to stay back. Last night the host committee had a good old fashion church dinner for us. I think everyone wanted to take back the pans with the leftovers in them using the excuse that they should carry some for the ones that had to stay back, even I tried that one. But all in all every things going according to schedule so I’m told. I keep trying to give you subtle hints about how exciting this walk is, even if you don’t enjoy walking, you get caught up in the vigorous spirit that everyone has about this campaign. Valerie has even joked about a fly that has been with us from the beginning. The best part of this to me is talking with the other people. Just listening to the various things they have done and the things that they would like to see change has been a learning experience in itself. As I said before sometimes it’s just a matter of holding all this new information in so when the time comes that I have to use it I’ll have it. Time is winding down, not to many more days left in this part of the caravan it is an ongoing process such as life is. It is still not too late to help us take it on in to Wash. D.C.

Sheila Peeples
Bronx Cobra


At 12:51 AM, Blogger S. Hatchett said...

I have never done anything like this and am not really sure I know what a "blog" is, but it has been so uplifting to read everyone's comments and catch glipses of my brother (P. Hatchett) and his companions in the photos. I told him that this whole event just boggles my mind and I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone, even in the best of health, mind, spirit, circumstances, etc., etc., could undertake this great and historical challenge. I wish all of the participants, particularly the walkers (no matter how long or how far), all the very best and can't begin to tell you how full my heart is.


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