Friday, November 04, 2005

C2EA American Heritage Caravan


After being on the road for over two weeks, now in Virginia we have just been told that our accomodations in DC are uncertian and are changing and that our best hope is to have a prayer service and pray to god. While prayer is certianly one tool we can use, some of us are more pragmatic and would appriciate group solidarity and cohesiveness. Why should we risk our lives and health and possible arrest when we have to put our faith in an orginization that at this late date does not even know the basic logisics of basic care for our sick caravan members during the day. We are being herded like cattle from one church to another. This is a problem for some who are not as mobile as others especially considering the amount of luggage we brought with us. Help Us please. If anyone in DC can help us with refuge and or transportation please get in touch with Lonny Lefever at 937-726-7668. The situation at the rec center in Dc is very tenuous. We will not be allowed access from 9 am untill 9pm each day causing some hardship for individuals who are sick. One of our members has a walker and a bad hip and will need resting space. HELP US NOW.
American Heritage Caravan riders Levi and Vaughn


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Michael Kink said...

I've contacted the C2EA logistics folks and it's now clear that there will be rock-solid arrangements for those who are medically frail. A place to stay during the day if and when needed, and transportation. We'll need an accurate headcount of who's going to need those services, and then we'll provide them.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger C2EA American Heritage Caravan said...

Thank you. I hope this works.


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