Friday, November 04, 2005

Paving The Way

Gordon day was not so good

Today was not a good day for there was too much tension. After being in a house with 30 to 40 people it is very difficult trying to use one bathroom in the house. As we continue our Journey to DC we find that people we meet and greet are cheering us on. When you see us coming please hunk your horn. We had a meeting with the global aids students committee of the university of Maryland in college park which by the way is a beautiful campus. The students that attended gave us a warm welcome. And had many questions to ask.  I find that I was really stressed because things seem to running smooth then things at times changed. But carrying the flag gave me renewed energy. Although my body is worn down and my feet are tired I still carrying on, my goal is to make it to DC and have my voice heard. I’m very grateful to be part of C2EA. I ask everyone who is effected and affected by this HIV/AIDS to be with us in DC to stop this madness and find a cure to end this disease. We must educated our nation youth through Sex Education a complete course that cater to all walks of life. The Youth are our future. I hope to see you soon. So make a huge effort to be here.            


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