Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Me and my son were picked up in Biloxi Mississippi on October 27th and went to Mobile. We were there for 2 days and the people were great. I made new friends and commited to speak to some youth in December!  We were showed around Mobile by people who were knowledgable and we were well taken care of..

On October 29th we were in Phoenix City boardering Columbus Ga.  We were welcomed by some very wonderful people. On the morning of the 30th we were invited to a prayer service that I enjoyed VERY much!!!   The speakers touched my heart!!!  When Gina sang “GET THERE” I cried!!!!!  She has such a beautiful voice.. I will never forget the kind words, the wonderful prayers and the overall expierence especially that the Mayors showed up.It was a great honor to be involved.. Thank you

On October 30th we arrived in Atlanta were we stayed in another wonderful church. Jeff and everyone at Aids Survival Project were awesome. Atlanta is as beautiful as I remember . On October 31st we had a press conferenceat Martin Luther King Hall, I was very moved it finally hit me the stand I am making and I am filled with pride!  Later that night we went to Georgia capital and spoke on the steps!  Praise GOD I had no fear as I read my speech I had written down earlier in the day. I am so greatful for how good we have been treated so far..  

Thanks to everyone for making this great thus far!! 

Jessica Mardis 29 and Gabriel Johnson 2


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